Product Introduction
Diverter Pressure Balance Cartridge Model no. JL02BD
Product Name : JL02BD
Product Description


Ø40mm Diverter Pressure Balance Cartridge
- No separate diverter mechanism needed 
- 3-way cartridge with a diverter mechanism 
- Make it easy on faucet body processing and assembly(Bottom Outlet Type)
- Switch the function with single lever (Bath/Top Shower/Hand Shower)

- Patented: USA/CA/TW/CN

Technical characteristics of the ceramic discs
Material AL2O3 92%~96%
Surface roughness Ra 0.1 ~ Ra 0.3  μm
Hardness >1000 HV
Flatness <0.6  μm
Technical characteristics of the cartridge     
Max. rotary angle 240°
Recommended nut tightening torque 10~12 N.m
Water resistance pressure 500 psi
Max. temperature 90℃(194℉)
Endurance test 20,000 cycles (ASSE 1016-Piston)                 
80,000 cycles (ASSE 1016-Disc)
Flow rate
Water pressure Mixing
1 bar 11.8 
2 bar 16.4 
3 bar 19.96 
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