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    Company Philosophy

    "Integrity, Responsibility, Positivism, Innovation" is what Hain-Yo always insists on since we established. Hain-Yo offers customers fast and cordial services. Our company is sure to meet every single requirement from customers. We promise to provide stable quality ceramic cartridges at a reasonable price.
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    Quality Policy

    Hain-Yo has built a reputation for serving customers with high-quality ceramic faucet cartridges. We develop our business and expand our business overseas based on adhering to the quality policy and pursuing the best marketing system for customer satisfaction.
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    Entering a new era, Hain-Yo will be oriented towards international and multifunctional, and the enterprise culture based in Taiwan will expand to Mainland China and aim to the world.

Service Customers with Quality Ceramic Tap Cartridge to Establish the Reputation

Hain-Yo Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a ceramic tap cartridges manufacturer specializing in the production of ceramic cartridges for single-lever faucets. This product is for water flow control and hot/cold water accommodation. Conventional faucets use rubber washers to control water flow, yet now precision ceramic cartridges have replaced traditional ones. The ceramic faucet cartridge has a long lifetime and is easy to use.

Integrity, Responsibility, Positivism, Innovation

Hain-Yo Enterprises Co., Ltd has been engaged in precision ceramic shower cartridge R&D. We introduce precise production equipment and testing facilities to make high-quality and precise faucet ceramic cartridge for customers. The products are sold locally and abroad and earn a reputation. Hain-Yo Enterprises Co., Ltd has passed ISO 9002 and ISO 9001. The purpose of striving for certifications is to build a consensus of teamwork. We pursue excellence and customer satisfaction by concluding quality policy. All staff participates in the company's strategy for the aim of offering the best quality faucet ceramic cartridge to customers.